Mommee       Cow


Yes, I'm a Mommy Yogi!

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years & felt deeply compelled to make my practice a more significant part of my life. I want to share it with others in my minimal but still partially existent “free time”.

I’m a mom, wife & full time marketing manager. Among my busy schedule I almost always find a way to prioritize time to practice yoga each day. My philosophy that lead me to teaching, is that if I’m going to practice, I may as well share my passion with others instead of keeping it to myself. 
I started practicing yoga to help with anxiety & depression in college. It was a wonderful outlet & still is to this day. Today I use yoga for both mental & physical health.

In regard to physical health: I gained quite a bit of weight when trying to get pregnant with my daughter a few years ago, struggling with finding balance & crazy hormones. In my first year as a new mom I was able to lose roughly 80lbs and recalibrate my life finding better balance— yoga was a positive factor in that journey. I truly love that you can take what you need from any yoga class, with the right instructor leading, you can use the time to simply clear your mind and focus on your body or push your muscles for a hard core strength workout-- or whatever your personal goals might be.

As a teacher, I love to offer variations to help each class become a custom experience to provide whatever your body needs. Yoga is amazing! There are endless asanas with benefits for all humans: athletes, elderly, overweight, chronically ill, anxious, depressed & everything in between!

I am fully insured to teach yoga and CPR/First Aid certified.